May 18th, 2012

Game 1: Ostium XII, 12.5. - 13.5.2012

Game 1 was Orcs and Goblins vs Warriors of Chaos. Skenario was Dawn Attack.

Opponent had
Daemon Prince w Death Lore
Sorcerer as General
2 Exalted Heroes on Disks
16 Chosen Warriors
9 Knight w Mark of Khorne
18 Warriors w Mark of Khorne
20 Warriors w Mark of Tzeench
War Shrine

Dawn Attack did it's worst to my army. All opponents units ended up middle of the field with exception of knights that were on his right flank just beside his all troops. My troops were scattered all around. Pump wagon, Arachnorok, Mangler and Squig Herd on the left flank. Trolls, Boar Boys, Wolf Chariots, Wolf Riders, 3 Warmachines and Night Goblins with NG shaman in the middle. Rest, Arrer boys w general, BSB, orc shaman and NG shaman, Pump Wagon and Rock Lobber on the right flank. Generals Ld bubble was all screwed but it was not that bad. Usually I don't play such heavily manned arrers but this scenario is a bit too flicky.

Chaos won dice roll and choose to go first.

First turn

All chaos forced marched forward closing gap. Daemon prince flew towards arrers. Spell casting was minimal as Chaos sorcs didn't have anything tasty in range.

Orcs responded with infight. Boar boyz caused fight with arrer boyz and it ended up throwing rocks. Right flank squabbled with most of the casters so no casting nor BS shooting this turn. Trolls passed stupidity on their own and choose to not to throw themselves into too long charge attempt. Wolf Chariots failed to charge at chosen. Rest of the forces wandered a bit forward. Magic was meaningless. Artillery did their best and daemon prince catched landing rock.

Second turn

Knights charged Arachnorok just to find out that odd fanatics appeared between through Squig Herd. Three Knights perished. Other forces marched forward. Chaos Shrine rolled stubborn and ward for Chosen.

Orcs were still confused about Boar Boyses arrogance and Arrer Boys squabbled again. Doh! Trolls were stupid and were wandering forward. Squig Herd charged on the Chaos Knights flank. Boar boys and goblins moved forward. Magic was again nullified by animosity. Game was pretty skrewed.

Second turn

Chaos got into charging range. Trolls were caught by dual charge and Boars were caught by Chosen after goblins fled.

Orcs were caught pants down. Enemy was on the face and all orcs had done was some infighting. Knights were being grinded but armours were thick. Orcs were getting seriously beated. Orc Artillery tried to kill BSB on disc but he managed to pass all Wards saves.

Third turn

Chaos kept pressing forward. Knights killed Arachnorok and Squigs killed the Knights. Boar Boyz were obliterated and chosen pursued into Arrer Boys.

Game was pretty much over. All that I had to do was trying to kill enemy general and standards for getting points. Chaos BSB got away again. One Doom Diver missed, another missfired.

Turns 4 -

Chaos minced orcses, that pretty much it.

Orcs succeeded in killing Chaos general and failed, failed and failed to kill BSB.

Game over! Orcs lost but got some points in return. 8-2 to Warriors of Chaos.