May 18th, 2012

Game 3: Ostium XII, 12.5. - 13.5.2012

In game 3, Orcs faced another Daemon army. Skenario was Battle for the Pass and game was played lengthwise.

In Daemon army were
Great Unclean One
Herald of Tzeench
Herald of Slaanesh
30 Bloodletters
23 Bloodletters
23 Bloodletters
23 Horrors
5 Fiends
6 Flamers
5 Furies
5 Furies Daemons set up as close as their deployment zone gave up, orcs deployed far away. Daemons won the roll and choose to go first.

Turn 1

Daemons marched forward. Orcs suffled Arachnorok and other Night Goblins. Remaining Wolf Riders moved into better harassing place in the middle of the field. Magic was buffs and debuffs. Daemons dropped stats from Arrers, orcs slowed Bloodletter box on left flank. Flamers grilled Wolf Riders. Orc artillery bombarded letters at center and right flank.

Turn 2

Daemons marched again. Furies surrounded Wolf Riders. Boar Boys charged Furies and Squig Herd moved forward to face Bloodletters on right flank. Wolf Riders moved to block Bloodletters and Fiends from Boar Boyses flank. Magic was equal to first turn. Daemons dropped stats from Arrers, orcs slowed Bloodletter box on left flank. Flamers barbequed Mangler Squigs and orc artillery bombarded letters at center and right flank. Furies went 'Puff' and Boars overrun on the Bloodletters Flank.

Turn 3

Daemons were closing fast. Bloodletters charged and pulverized Wolf Riders just to find that overrun path was past Boar Boys. Bloodletters in the middle toke some damage from Boar Boys and reformed to face them. Flamers toasted some Squigs. Squig Herd charged the Bloodletters that killed the Wolf Riders. Trolls charged Bloodletters in the middle reaching the flank of the unit and Arachnorok charged Bloodletters in left flank. Orc artillery bombarded Horrors.

Turn 4

GUO charged Arachnorok. Fiends charged in to help Bloodletters in right flank. Elsewhere fighting was allready going on. Horrors chose to back up and Tzeench BSB lft his unit to seek cover behind rocks. Squig Herd were pulverised leaving only 4 Bloodletters standing. Boar Boyz were killed and Trolls kept stomping Bloodletters. GUO finished Arachnorok. Arrer Boys released salvo on remining 4 Bloodletters wiping them out. Trolls finished Bloodletters. Artillery gave Herald of Tzeench hard time but insane ward save rolls saved him just to hint that in Horror unit his life would be safer.

Turn 5

Fiends charged Arrer Boys. Night Goblins on left flank failed animosity and charged GUO just to get wiped out completely. Arrer Boys were bombed with spells but all except Plaguewind were dispelled, which killed 10 orcs. In exchange Arrers were buffed with Gift of the Spider God and in orcs close combat phase Fiends were wiped out. Rest of the game was throwing spells and finishing moves.

Both armies had lost 2 banners. Orcs lost Boar Boys and Night Goblins with standard, Daemons lost two boxes of Bloodletters. Game was tie 5-5.