January 21st, 2012

The huge furry beasty goddess - Arachnarok spider

It came so sudden. In the middle of a working day I had a sudden urge to buy one arachnarok spider. I checked myself out and went to local hobby store, bought one arachnarok and drove home. This mindless state stayed on and I spent all free time to clean, prep and paint the monster. It toke 2 evenings on prepping, 8 evenings on painting and here it is.

Below are few huge pics and set of pics that can be enlarged.

- Picture 1 - huge (4306 x 3361).

- Picture 2 - huge (3994 x 3262).

- Picture 3 - huge (3982 x 3432).

- Picture 4 - huge (2997 x 3026).