December 18th, 2014

Revell Citroen 2CV Model car

Model has not been build straight from the box. First drivers door was cut open and door interiors cut off from rest of the interior mould, door hinges were added. Second trunk was cut open and floor, wheel case and back of the seat was built from plastic sheet and plastic bars. Then trunk lid and hood holders were built from steel wire and thin metal sheet. Finally horn or beep element was added. One negative suprise was that windscreen and windscreen frame did not match and I was forced to do quite heavy cutting on windscreen after I had painted the car when I was installing windows. It caused micro fractures on wind screen that can be seen in one or two of the pictures when looking model at right angle.

Model was primed white and painted with brush using Citadel acrylic paints. It has not been varnished.

Project toke almost 100 hours from start to end and it was really fun project to work with. I havent built one in 25 years and now I feel almost sorry for myself. I may need to build another one in near future.